SnoValley Feleene




DOB:4/21/2001        Height: 22 1/2         LA 2009: 84 VEE+                AGS/ADGA

                                                             LA 2011: 87 VEEV               


In 2007, Becky selected Feleene out of herd of many goats because of her flashy color and outstanding conformation.  She has great depth of body, nice top line, and tight shoulders.  Feleene has the most beautifully shaped head and neck in our herd.  She's tall, barely meets the ADGA height limit of 22 1/2", and very strong.  She has a pretty nice udder, but could use a little more capacity and shape in the rear udder.  Her teats are oriented nearly straight down, but are placed a little wide.  When we first brought her home, Feleene was a wild one and quickly established herself as the herd's "queen."  After a lot of handling and a season in the rings at the local fairs, she became, and remains, one of the most gentle and loving does in our herd.  She's hunched up in this photo, unfortunately, so when we can, we'll get a better photo of her in here.  Her top line is flat and actually slightly sloped upward toward her sharp withers - very nice.  She's now retired.

***We lost Feleene this kidding season (2012) due to kidding complications.  She has made a huge impact on our farm and will be very dearly missed.


Sire:  Shadow Mountain Golden Graham            Kidding:

SS:  Joyspring Patriots Legacy                          2002-07  Unknown

SD:  Special K's Confetti                                   2008  Twins 1B/1D

                                                                      2009  Triplets 1B/2D

Dam:  Sno Valley Elmyra                                  2010  Triplets 2B/1D

DS:  Inavale Levi                                             2011  Twins 1D/1B

DD:  Tobhiyah Dark Nymph                              2012  Twins 2 Bucks



2008 4H Grand Champion and Best Udder, Evergreen State Fair

Camanna DR Zinfandel Gold

DOB: 3/13/2004-4/2011                                                  AGS/ADGA


We fell in love with Zinfandel after seeing her on Camanna's website, but never thought we would have the opportunity to own her.  She has kidded some beautiful champions, like Camanna's Shiraz.  Zinfandel was a strong doe, had a gorgeous red color, and had excellent dairy conformation and body capacity.  Her udder had nice capacity, correct teat placement, but lacked tight attachment.  Very unfortunately, we sadly and unexpectedly lost Zinfandel in April 2011.  We have high hopes for BD Sangria, one of her 2010 retained doelings.  We dearly miss Zinfy.


Sire:  Flat Rocks Diamond inthe Rough             Kidding:

SS:  Flat Rocks Gem                                        2005 Twin Doelings

SD:  Flat Rocks Fortune's Favorite                     2006 Triplets 2B/1D

                                                                      2007 unknown

Dam:  Camanna MB Chardonnay                       2008 Triplets 1B/2D

DS:  Twin Creeks PD Megabuck                         2009 unknown

DD:  Mountain Quest Melinda                            2010 Triplets 1B/2D

Camanna BS Spirit of Joy

DOB: 3/9/2006            Height: 19 1/2         LA 2009: 83  ++E+               AGS/ADGA

                                                                LA 2011: 86  +VEV               


Joy fits her name very well - she's very spirited.  When she came to us in 2009, Joy didn't want anyone to touch her and would run away when we approached her.  She's come a long way and now seeks attention from us.  Joy is a more short bodied goat, has nice conformation and a very correct udder (one photo here shows her a bit uneven - bad timing for a photo, as she had just nursed).  We're still working on her behavior in the show ring, as she's usually more like a bucking bronco.  She's settling down, though. 


Sire:  Sugar Pine RHB Blue Spirit                         Kidding:

SS:  Twin Creeks RA Red Hot N Blue                   2009  Twin Does

SD:  Mountain Quest Elf                                     2010  Triplets 1B/2D

                                                                        2011  Twins 1D/1B

Dam:  Sugar Pine SI Sudden Delight

DS:  Flat Rocks MS Sudden Illusion

DD:  Mountain Quest ZA Frostydelite


Joy was sharing her milk before this picture

Blue Bear Easter Bunny

DOB: 4/9/2007        Height: 21 3/4          LA 2009: 82 VVEA                       AGS/ADGA

Milking: 5.8#/day                                    LA 2011: 86 VVV+


Bunny is the first doe born on our farm.  She is very strong and full of personality, for sure.  Judges and appraisers have liked her body capacity and dairy qualities.  She has one of more capacious udders in our herd.  She has done well in the show rings.  We retained her doeling in 2009 (Delight), and Delight kidded beautiful twins this year.  If I could change anything on Bunny, I'd improve her udder shape and teat orientation, as they point a bit forward.


Winnings: 2008 ADGA Junior Grand Champion, Evergreen State Fair

               2011 ADGA Reserve Grand Champion, Evergreen State Fair


Sire:  Raven Crest Luck of the Draw                   Kidding:

SS:  Tupence Medalion                                      2009  Single doeling

SD:  Tupence Pecan Sandy                                2010  Triplet doelings

                                                                       2011  Twins 1B/1D

Dam:  KLC's Pepperanne

DS:  Cow and Pig BB Double Trouble

DD:  Sno Valley Harmony

Camanna TD Hallelujah Blue

DOB: 5/28/2007        Blue eyes     Height: 20 3/4   LA 2009: 77 AV+A         AGS/ADGA

                                                                           LA 2011: 77 AVVA        


Hallie is a very flashy black and white doe who has a remarkable udder.  Although it lacks medial suspension, she has great capacity.  She's a little steep in the rump, but is very refined and is an excellent example of dairy character.  She is a great show goat and loves to be in the ring.  Her dam, Dakota Wind, is a highly decorated champion and we are hoping to benefit our herd from her pedigree with a nice doeling or two. 


Sire:  Deer Run Tuxedo                                             Kidding:

SS:  New Hope Farms Zachary Taylor                        2009 Twin bucklings

SD:  Mountain Quest Snow Dancer                            2010 Twin bucklings

                                                                              2011  Twin bucklings (again!)

Dam:  GCH Domingo Dakota Wind 1*M

DS:  Mountain Quest Outlaw

DD:  Domingo Carmeleta Tahoka


Winnings:  2010 ADGA Grand Champion, Evergreen State Fair 

Blue Bear Lovely Lucy

DOB: 5/22/2008      Polled     Height: 22 1/2     LA 2009: (+) ++V    AGS/ADGA

Milking: 4.8#/day                                            LA 2011:  84 VV++      



Sire:  CTC Moonshadow EA Mr Mahogany           Kidding:

SS:  Glimmercroft Argyle                                  2010  Twin doelings

SD:  Moonshadow Jodies Eve Sands                   2011  Triplet doelings


Dam:  Sno Valley Feleene

DS:  Shadow Mountain Golden Graham

DD:  Sno Valley Elmyra


Winnings:  2008 ADGA Junior Reserve Grand Champion, Evergreen State Fair

                2009 ADGA Junior Reserve Grand Champion, Western Washington Fair (Puyallup)

Blue Bear C Clara Barton

DOB: 6/9/2009       Height: 17 1/2        LA2011: 78 VV++             AGS/ADGA

Milking: 2.4#/day


Clara is another one of our sweethearts that's easy to milk and loves attention.  She has long teats, strength of body and good body capacity, but has room for general appearance.  With that said, she shaped up very well in August and won the 2011 Evergreen State Fair ADGA Grand Champion Sr. Nigerian Dwarf Doe and Best Udder!  She easily kidded beautiful bucklings this year as a first freshener.  We look forward to seeing what she looks like next year!


Winnings:  2010 ADGA Junior Reserve Grand Champion, Evergreen State Fair

                2011 ADGA Grand Champion, Evergreen State Fair


Sire:  Camanna ND Cookie                                   Kidding:

SS:  Sugar Pine FD Noble Dancer                          2011 Twin Bucklings (first freshening)

SD:  Camanna FJ Shania Twain


Dam:  Sno Valley Feleene

DS:  Shadow Mountain Golden Graham

DD:  Sno Valley Elmyra

Blue Bear SB Blue's Beauty

DOB: 7/5/2009         Blue eyes      Height: 18 3/4      LA2011: 81 +++A        AGS/ADGA


Beauty is a sweetheart of a doe.  A first freshener, she has a correct udder in shape, which is a definite improvement over her doe, Pepperanne, but it's on the small side. If she gains capacity next year, she will be very nice.  Her coloring isn't represented well in these photos, as they were taken just after shaving.  She's a nice brown/black buckskin in color.  Beauty's doeling this year won Junior Grand Champion at the Stanwood/Camano fair.


Sire:  CTC Moonshadow Sterling Blue                   Kidding:

SS:  CTC Moonshadow LI Elegant Dude                2011 Single Doe (first freshening)

SD:  Mira Lindy Farm Sapphire


Dam:  KLC's Pepperanne

DS:  Cow and Pig BB Double Trouble

DD:  Sno Valley Harmony

oops... someone stole a drink!

Blue Bear SB Raquel Welch



DOB: 3/16/2010      Height: 18 1/2             Blue eyes                     ADGA           



Raquel is a beautiful, strong doe with great top line and nice front end.  She inherited her dam's length of body and although her mammary system improved over her dam's, it's on the small side.  We are expecting that her udder will gain capacity with her second freshening.  Raquel is our noise maker and lets us know (the neighbors too) when it is time for her to get milked.


Sire:  CTC Moonshadow Sterling Blue                                Kidding:

SS:  CTC Moonshadow LI Elegant Dude                             2011  Twin buckings (first freshening)

SD:  Mira Lindy Farm Sapphire                                         2012  Twins - 1 Buck/1 Doe


Dam:  Sno Valley Feleene

DS:  Shadow Mountain Golden Graham

DD:  Sno Valley Elmyra